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Internet Explorer Compatibility

We'd like to make sure you're taking full advantage of the features available on our website. To do that, we kindly request that you to update your Internet Explorer settings as follows:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (The program indicated by this icon:)
  2. Go to
  3. In an open area in the header, right click, and choose Menu bar(A) Note: If you already see the menu bar indicated in figure B below, you may skip step 3)
  4. In the menu bar, left-click on tools (B) , then on Compatibility View Settings(C)
  5. Add , and close (F) the popup window.
There you go! The OUTBOXED system will now display as we intended! While you're at it, why not visit or facebook page and like us.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Diagram A

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Diagram B & C

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Diagram D, E & F

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