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Product Support & FAQ

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Known Bugs

As much as we try to provide you with a perfect system, here are some known bugs on the system we're currently working on fixing, but you should nevertheless know about and try to avoid:

  1. Apostrophes (a ') in subject line will prevent email to send out. Try to avoid all special characters when naming your email or in titles.
  2. https//: addresses links are broken upon send. Try to use the http:// equevalent.
  3. Website addresses containing # tags (especially facebook and twitter addresses) cause the email to become corrupt when sent.
  4. When you find that an email won't pre-send or that the pre-send is corrupt after verifying all of the above criteria have been met, just re-uploading the email often fixes pre-send issues. (Example if your image displays as a x instead of showing the image)
Still having problems? Please contact us.